Microsoft Details Another Brand New Windows 8.1 Feature

You could be forgiven for thinking that everything we wanted to know about Windows 8.1 was out in the open. Rumors, gossips and speculations were the first to arrive, and then came screenshots, videos and leaks.

And with the release of the public preview version of Windows 8.1 a truckload of information headed our way, both official and from the technology community.

Now, Microsoft has provided more information about another new feature that is to be a part of the upcoming operating system. While Windows 8.1 comes loaded with plenty of enhancements for end users, the software titan has also implemented a lot of features for developers.

One handy feature in this regard is WebView — which has received significant improvements in Windows 8.1. It now offers support for more content sources (like local state directories), along with enhanced browsing functionality.

The company explained all this in a blog post, saying:

“With Windows 8.1, the WebView control is now available to use in HTML apps. Previously, apps written in HTML and JavaScript needed to use an iframe if they wanted to host web content that’s not part of the app. When you use the WebView control for site hosting you get better isolation, navigation, smart screen, and support for sites that can’t be hosted in an iframe.”

The software titan goes onto explain the feature in detail, along with all the advantages of using WebView in Windows 8.1, while also providing technical details to showcase just how valuable the upcoming operating system is for developers.

Redmond wants to see as many high-quality apps as it can in the Windows Store, after all.

Written by Hamid Khan

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