Microsoft Details Gaming Improvements In The Fall Creators Update

The gaming side of Windows 10 is also getting refreshed in parallel with the desktop OS, going by the name of the Fall Creators Update that will be available for the Xbox One line of consoles.

And Microsoft has finally lifted the lid on what users can expect from this refresh.

All the details are available this post on the official Xbox website, which also reveals the first review that is rolling out to Insiders in the Preview Alpha ring today. It has been available for download since 6pm Pacific Time.

Anyway, before we get ahead of ourselves, here’s a video that provides a first look of sorts at this next major system update for Xbox One:

As you can see, Microsoft has paid due attention to the UI side of things, and the first main addition is the more customizable Home screen — it draws inspiration from, and is part of, the new Fluent Design System that the company is currently finalizing.

Not only will you be able to add friends, games, and apps to the Home screen easily now, this block of content will evolve over time based on the things that you do.

Plus, the whole experience is a fair bit faster.

Redmond is also changing up the Guide navigation, making it snapper than ever to switch between tabs in the guide so gamers can join friends, broadcasts, switch between apps, and go back to Home.

A more immersive community is also part of the plan, with Microsoft making improvements to Club discovery, and make it easier to discover and join new clubs.

A few improvements are also transitioning over to PC users. More specifically, the Game Bar will now come with a switch feature that will allow users to enable or disable it on a per-game basis. An Xbox Live Troubleshooting option is also coming to Settings.

As are more choices on which audio gets broadcasted through Mixer, an important consideration.

So, by the looks of things, a lot of little refinements are in store for gamers that game on Microsoft platforms, both on the PC and Xbox One. The Fall Creators Update is coming to the consoles in, you guessed it, this fall. Same goes for the PC version of this new refresh.

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