Microsoft Details March Patch Tuesday Update

Ah, another new month, and with it comes another new Patch Tuesday update. Microsoft has shared the details of this month’s patches set to be distributed via the integrated Windows Update.

The security bulletin shows that Redmond has planned seven different updates on Patch Tuesday, with fixes planned for Windows, Internet Explorer, Office and Silverlight.

Four of them are labeled as critical and meant to squash bugs in each of the aforementioned products, and the remaining three important updates are set to address vulnerabilities in Office and Windows Server.

Among the critical patches, one is said to repair various issues in Internet Explorer version 6 to 10 in almost all Windows version on the market — Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and RT.

Another rumor that has gathered pace this past week was updates to the core Microsoft apps in Windows 8, ahead of the summer Windows Blue release. If anything, industry insiders expect Redmond to regularly polish up core apps like Mail, Calendar, Music, Games, etc.

Obviously as noted above, these are set to be delivered using the integrated Windows Update, meaning users will not need to download and deploy them manually. We will keep you in on the changes next week as Patch Tuesday goes live.

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