Microsoft Details Outlook 2013 RT Email Client In Windows 8.1

Perhaps the most important addition to the Windows RT platform, and surely the most anticipated, is Outlook 2013 RT, the popular email client.

According to Microsoft this has been one of the most requested features for the RT platform, and the software titan is now providing Windows RT users with a desktop flavor of Outlook 2013. Little else is known about this for the time being, however.

But now a new blog post on the official Microsoft Office blog reveals some more details on the upcoming email client. It is still not elaborate as it should have been, and a whole lot of information is still vague, but it will do for now.

Microsoft’s Chris Schneider shared the good news:

“We’re pleased to have Outlook 2013 RT join the other best-in-class Office 2013 RT applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. And just like those applications, Outlook 2013 RT delivers a great touch experience for people using tablets.”

Outlook 2013 RT would come with options to quickly answer emails with inline replies. Dedicated options to access the calendar are also expected:

“The new Outlook has so much to offer including a streamlined user experience that reduces clutter and makes your content king. From cool new features like quickly responding to email with inline reply, to using ‘peeks’ to view your calendar or contacts without having to manually switch between tabs, Outlook brings great new tools to your fingertips.”

The software titan added that according to a new study by Morgan Stanley no less than 61 percent of the people who are looking for a new tablet consider that Microsoft Office is the single most important feature for such a device.

And with the arrival of Outlook 2013 RT, Redmond will only strengthen its advantage.

More details on this will obviously come our way in the near future, but there is no denying that Outlook 2013 RT is an important addition to the Windows RT platform. An application like this will greatly improve the productivity of Surface RT and countless other Windows RT tablets that are incoming.

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