Microsoft details People App in Windows 8

Managing “contacts” has been a bit of a challenge for many, especially as the number of places that contacts can be stored and the number of PCs and devices we use to access those contacts has increased.  Storing contacts in the cloud for easy roaming and connectivity is a part of the solution.  With Windows 8 and the new People app, we are taking cloud storage a step further by optionally connecting it to other services you already use. This brings together email contacts and contacts from your service / social accounts in one easy to access and use place that roams across your Windows 8 PCs and phone.  Most of us have an address book or contact list that we often use to see who we want to communicate with or share information to. With People app, Microsoft has unified all your social networking account under one roof. You need not open each social networking website individually since this provides the latest info from all your social account at one place. “The People app in Windows 8 is a modern take on the flat contact lists of the past–it’s built for the way you communicate today, and it’s connected to the cloud services you already use. The People app connects to your email and social accounts, bringing together all your contacts (and what they’re up to) in one convenient place,” Microsoft adds. All this is cloud connected, providing seamless experience to the user. Since it is a metro app it makes use of every pixel of your screen and displays information which is live. It is a part of the fast, fluid and no compromise experience of Microsoft. Microsoft will be coming up with some more posts explaining apps included in Windows 8 by default as they posted “This is the first of a series of posts on the new service-connected apps that are currently in App Preview.” Read More at the Building Windows 8 Blog Have you tried out the People app in Release preview? Share your thoughts below.]]>

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