Microsoft details Photo app in Windows 8

Building Windows 8 blog, Microsoft detailed the People app in Windows 8. They explained how they made it to look more personal and represent your photos in a better way. With Photos app they integrated Facebook, Flickr and Skydrive so that you can have all your photos in one place. Instead of roaming to each service individually, you can find all of them in a centralized location. They have introduced a storyline view which  shows a photo just big enough to enjoy, but small enough to see more than one at a time. If you want to see more of your pictures at once, you can just pinch to zoom out, and you’ll see a thumbnail view of your collection. If you want to use your new Windows 8 PC as the primary place to store all of your photos, they have also added the ability to import with the Photos app. When you plug your camera in to your PC, all you have to do is pick the Photos app as your importer, and the app will do the rest for you. Photos app implements the share contract so you can easily share your photos with anyone using the share charms.

From Microsoft: “Since the Consumer Preview, we’ve been listening to the feedback and have been hard at work making improvements. We’ve heard from many of you that most of your photos aren’t actually sitting on a web service, but they’re on a PC somewhere in your home. And often they’re on a PC that isn’t convenient to get to or in a spot conducive to gathering your dinner guests around the monitor for “show and tell.”
So we’ve partnered with our friends in SkyDrive to make this a whole lot easier. Now, if you install the SkyDrive desktop app, you can choose to have all of your photos automatically sent and saved to SkyDrive. Any PC with the SkyDrive desktop app installed will show up in the Photos app. So by simply running SkyDrive desktop app on the PC(s) where all your photos reside, the Photos app will reach back to that PC so that you can look at your old photos alongside your recent ones. You’ll soon be revisiting photos you forgot you had.”
You can check out this video to know more about the Photos app.]]>

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