Microsoft Developing Several Windows Mixed Reality Games

The various Windows Mixed Reality headsets may be making the technology world take notice, what with their reasonable level of virtual reality performance, at more than reasonable prices.

But the mark of a new technology is in its uses — you need content for a platform like this to stock.

And become successful.

Well, good thing then, that Microsoft is already focused on this. The company paved the way for the launch of these new devices with help from its hardware partners, with the ultimate of aim of democratizing VR with cheaper, truly plug and play headsets.

Soon after we heard that these HMDs were in line to received support for the SteamVR platform.

And now, when asked about VR support on the newly launched Xbox One X, a company spokesperson hesitantly confirmed that the software titan has more Windows Mixed Reality games in the pipeline, though he declined to share more details.

The block of text:

“Microsoft is committed to delivering great mixed reality gaming experiences. We believe that right now a Windows PC is the best platform for mixed reality as its open ecosystem and enormous installed base offer the best opportunity for developers, and Windows offers the most choices for consumers. Therefore, our primary focus is making our Windows Mixed Reality experiences a success. We have games from Microsoft Studios in development for Windows Mixed Reality, and several game developers are working closely with us to bring their titles to Windows Mixed Reality. Because of the opportunity with Windows Mixed Reality, and because we believe the user experience will be best on PC right now, that is where our focus is. We have nothing to share about mixed reality for console at this time.”

Excellent stuff.

The company has already released Minecraft VR and a new Halo experience on the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft Studios has put up some great titles in the past, and it’s great to see a reliable source of games for this fledgling new mixed reality platform. On top of that, there are some great Microsoft owned IPs that can be put to use for these Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

Encouraging development, this, and hopefully we get to see some results soon.

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