Microsoft Discontinues The Surface Wireless Keyboard Adapter

report over at ZDNet cites a Microsoft spokesperson who reveals that they have decided to discontinue the Surface Wireless Keyboard Adapter — it allowed connectivity of Touch and Type Covers to monitors from up to 30 feet away. Below is what the spokesperson said:

“Due to a number of factors, we are no longer manufacturing the Surface Wireless Keyboard Adapter. We are always evaluating our options and remain committed to helping people be productive with Surface.”
Evaluating our options, here, in plain English means that the device was in all probability less successful than what Redmond had expected, and complete retirement was the only option. Still listed on Microsoft’s online store, the Surface Wireless Keyboard Adapter retailed for $59.99 and offered support for all Surface tablets. The accessory also came with a USB cable to recharge the device, though it made use of Bluetooth connectivity. If you were planning to buy it, you just might be able to find the last remaining stock if you look hard.]]>

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