Microsoft Discount Sees Windows 8 Devices Getting Cheaper

While Microsoft is yet to announce this new strategy, word is that the company has put in place a major discount campaign for Windows 8 devices, as it tries to bring more affordable units to market in a bid to improve sales of its newest platform.

A report over at ReadWriteWeb shows that many hardware vendors and retailers are offering discounts on several products. Amazon, for instance, is offering a 20 percent price cut on a bunch of models.

Microsoft seems to be doing the same on its official online store.

But according to Jonathan Adashek, Microsoft’s general manager of communications and strategy, Sales and Marketing Services Group, all these discounts could be temporary. Without actually providing any further details he said:

“The Microsoft stores carry a product assortment aimed at showing people how technology can simplify and enhance their lives.

We regularly offer seasonal promotions, discounts and change our assortment of products based on customer feedback and to showcase an ever increasing selection of Windows 8 devices, including notebooks, tablets, convertibles, all-in-ones and more.”

Hmm, seems legit.

Microsoft obviously spent a fortune developing and promoting Windows 8 and wants to see this platform as a commercial as well as marketing success.

PC sales, however, decline 6.4 percent in the fourth quarter of 2012.

Even though this special discount campaign seems to be a move clearly supposed to increase the uptake of Windows 8, chance are that it could very well serve as a catalyst to help the recovery of the collapsing hardware market.

The timing of this discount makes perfect sense, considering both Windows Blue and Intel’s Haswell platform are just around the corner. Either way, I am sure no end consumer is complaining.

Like what you see guys? Are you planning to snap up a PC or tablet at this discounted rates? Or do you want to wait a little while longer and see what the summer brings? Sound off in the comments below.

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