Microsoft discuss Windows 8 and Touch Hardware

Throughout Windows 8 development, we worked closely with external hardware partners to reduce hardware variability and establish consistent Windows 8 requirements. At the time of the //build/ conference, we were still working with partners to establish these requirements in early prototypes. The Samsung slate that was handed out at //build/ was our first attempt to push new requirements into a production system. Those of you who had the opportunity to use the Samsung slate experienced a level of touch quality that is closer to what we expect for Windows 8. You’ll also find some of these improvements in the commercialized version of the same slate hardware, which Samsung calls the Series 7 slate. Experiencing Windows 8 on this hardware will give you an idea of what touch will be like on Windows 8 PCs. We have published our requirements for new Windows 8 hardware, and we continue to work with touch hardware partners, suppliers, independent hardware vendors, and PC manufacturers to ensure that new devices meet the requirements. Microsoft tests and certifies each new touch device before it can enter the market as a Windows 8 PC. This is how we will ensure consistency and quality in touch hardware for Windows 8. We will talk more about the certification process in a separate blog post. You can read the post in full here. Here’s the video associated with the post…]]>

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