Microsoft Dynamics on Azure

Use Azure Dynamics to ensure that your business makes smarter decisions, to overhaul processes faster and drive better growth of your business using the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system that was built on and for Azure.

Combined, these bring ERP, infrastructure, business intelligence, database services and compute together easily.

Why Azure for Dynamics?

  • Make Much Smarter Business Decisions, Faster – Provide access to the BI (Business Intelligence) your entire company requires, whenever they need, wherever they are. With the integration of BI into your enterprise toolkit, you can transform data to provide much better and more valuable insights, enabling much better business decisions, faster than ever before.
  • Speed Up Your Business – Take advantage of the ability to adapt and transform your business very quickly, keeping your company right at the front of your market. Changes to process development can be simplified, as can deployment, using a user-friendly, consistent ERP solution.
  • Grow Your Company At Your Pace – Grow your company how you want to, where you want to and when you want. Whether it is new products being introduced, expansion into other markets or through acquisitions, Azure Dynamics offers the flexibility and the agility of the cloud to allow you to scale at the right pace.
  • Drive Your Business Performance – Plan your business needs and anticipate your needs much better. Use one single holistic view to ensure your organizational risks are visible, helping your IT department to expand in ways you couldn’t even consider before, all while continuing to provide full reliability, scalability and security.


Use one of the Azure trusted partners to help build your Dynamics Solutions:

  • Edgewater Fullscope – Use Fullscope to optimize business operations, cut costs, and drive business growth with the latest in ERP technology.
  • WiProWiPro was developed to assist with digital adaption for businesses using hyper-automation, cognitive computing, robotics, analytics, cloud and emerging technologies.
  • Sonata – Sonata Software provides innovative solutions for business using IP-based services, products and platforms.

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