Microsoft Dynamics SMB ERP Boss To Depart Company

Marko Perisic

Marko Perisic, the man who shaped the last three year of Microsoft Dynamics SMB ERP, has announced that he will be leaving the company to take on a new role.

He made the announcement in a post, confirming his departure by the middle of November.

“To say that this was a hard decision, would be an understatement. Microsoft has been a source of tremendous learning, a place of inspiration, motivation and success, both personally and for the business. It has in many ways become home. And home is a place that is hard to leave. Before I get into the reasons why I am leaving, I would first like to say many thanks to many people.”

Perisic has been with the Redmond based technology firm for 12 years, helping its ERP solution make the transition towards Dynamics 365 Business Central and SaaS solutions.

His time at the top including him being at the pointy end of the spear as Microsoft came under attack from angry customers and partners for NAV and Business Central. At the same time, public messaging around the product roadmap were mishandled by the company.

But the October 2018 release wave brought about enthusiasm about the future, with the Dynamics 365 Business Central cloud solution receiving rave feedback.

Perisic saw his role expand after the departure of Paul White in 2017, though he had been leading the Dynamics NAV and then the overall SMB ERP engineering group since around 2015.

As for where the senior leader will go on next, he is set to embark on a journey in the HR space, which according to him will be extremely challenging. Yet, at the same time, the hard work will allow him to learn more.

One thing is for certain, though.

He certainly leaves the Dynamics user based, and more than 160,000 on-premises Dynamics NAV customers, in good stead.

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