Microsoft Earnings Reveal $21.7 Billion Total Revenue

The Redmond based technology giant has released its financial results for the FY15 Q3, that’s third quarter of the fiscal year 2015, and total revenue came in at $21.7 billion.

However, profits dropped 12% compared to the same period last year.

Microsoft Q3 2015 Financial Summary

One reason for this dip in profit is the $190 million spent on the integration of the Nokia Devices and Services division, as this was spent on restructuring. Through all this, though the company posted excellent results for certain businesses.

The Lumia side of things, for instance is looking good with 8.6 million handsets sold.

And the total number of subscribers to Office 365 Consumer were up 35%, ending up at 12.4 million. Surface division was also up 44%, posting an increased revenue of $713 million — in what is traditionally a slow quarter, as opposed to the final three months of a year.

Microsoft had revenues of $1.4 billion for their Phone Hardware unit.

But the Windows OEM Pro and Windows OEM non-Pro revenues declined by 19% and 26% respectively, and the company expects Windows 10 to turn things around once it launches in the summer.

Redmond also confirmed that Bing now has a US market share of 20.1%, and search advertising revenue is up 21% due to this increased search volume.

The quarter ending March 31 brought in an operating income of $6.6 billion.

And while the margins were down, it still was a strong quarter for Microsoft, with noteworthy growth in several divisions, confirming that the company is poised for increases in these areas.

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