Microsoft Edge faces backlash over shopping features

August 24, 2022

It just had to be! Microsoft Edge may be picking up new features left and right, but not everyone is pleased with the additions. Most notably, the shopping options, which some users consider bloatware.

Many are now calling the company to stop adding these features to the web browser.

Microsoft, as you may be aware, recently started adding some new additions to Edge. These include testing a buy now, pay later integration powered by Zip. The feature allows folks to spit purchases made online between four installments over a six-week period.

Pretty standard stuff, but one that has no place in a web browser, some say.

And it goes without saying that the announcement post of this BNPL feature become a place that was littered with comments from fans and users of the browser that expressed their frustration.

The feature may be optional, but its detractors are against the concept of Edge having such shopping features built-in. The center of most complaints is that Microsoft Edge is becoming bloated with additions like these.

Instead of, you know, delivering a pure browsing experience.

There are several pages worth of comments, most of which are negative. Critics of additions like these believe that such features should be left to extensions and dedicated websites rather than baking them right into the web browser.

What are your thoughts on this precarious position?

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