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Microsoft Edge has been picking up features left and right lately. And the latest on the web browser is that it has gained support for Collections, along with a bunch of additional options.

The Collections feature has worked its way through the prerelease channels of the browser, and is now available in Microsoft Edge Beta.

It had been available in the Canary and Dev channels of Microsoft Edge for some time, and has been a highly requested feature for the web browser You will need to keep an eye out for version 81.0.416.12, which also brings along a range of other features.

Getting back to Collections, though this feature lets you group webpages into, well, collections. You can then use them to organize your thoughts and plans.

Of course, Microsoft has also amped up the capabilities of this feature. The company recently added the option to share collections, open all links from a collection in a new window, along with the ability to access collections across devices.

Other notable features for Microsoft Edge Beta is the ability to create and delete highlights, and change color when PDF documents are open in the browser.

Edge is also now integrated with Windows Spellchecker in Windows 8.1 and above. This integration enables greater language support, with access to more languages and custom dictionaries.

There is also support for Dolby Vision playback, and an option to use payment information stored on your Microsoft account to fill out payment forms.

Let’s just say, Microsoft Edge is most definitely not coming slow!

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