Microsoft Edge Will Let You Tweet Straight From The Taskbar

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Yeah, how about that, huh? If you are Twitters user that fires off a tweet an hour, then this is something that should please you. Microsoft Edge will soon allow users to tweet their heart out, right from the taskbar.

All via the combined power of PWA and jumplists.

Now, you may already be familiar with the latter feature, which has been a mainstay of the Windows platform for a while now. It allows you to right-click the taskbar icon of a program and perform certain actions faster — without opening the UI of the application in question.

Progressive Web Apps, on the other hand, are apps that are becoming quite a thing on PCs these days.

And that’s because both Google and Microsoft are backing this new technology with all they have. In fact, the two Chrome and Edge web browsers have been at the forefront of supporting the PWA ecosystem by adding in new features.

Features like this new one that is being developed for Chromium powered browsers that would make it possible for communication apps by typing up messages faster.

For example, tweeting right from the jumplist on the Twitter PWA, while reaching out to certain contacts faster and typing up messages on the WhatsApp PWA.

This post on the Chrome Platform Status page details this feature called App Shortcuts:

“Lets a web application register shortcuts for common tasks. These would typically be added to the app launcher icon (for a progressive web app) enabling the user to quickly run key tasks. Adding these to the web platform provides an equivalent capability to native apps on many platforms.”

Looks like that this feature is supposed to be first added in Google Chrome 85, while Microsoft Edge will follow and get it shortly after that.

Good stuff, all around.

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