Microsoft Employee Says Windows 8 Will Get Better Over Time

An unnamed Microsoft employee said that consumers need some time to discover and get used to all the changes made to Windows 8, and with use they will find that Windows 8 gets better over time.

The Microsoftie (ha!), responding in an IAmA session on Reddit, also called the Surface RT a good product, and said that users need to use Windows 8 on a touchscreen device (tablet or even a laptop) to maximize their experience of Microsoft’s latest operating system:

“Win8 is a great product. You need to try it on a touchscreen PC / tablet to really understand how amazing the interface is with touch. However with a new interface and so many changes it will take time for adoption. I believe right now it’s about selling as many copies as Windows 7 did in the initial few months (as per publicly released official figures) – and Windows 7 came to the market after years of pent up demand after XP.

There are a number of under the hood changes – lower memory consumption, faster boot times, faster resume, Defender is now built-in. For a desktop user these may not be compelling reasons to upgrade, but for a new PC I think the Win8 choice is obvious given that it is fully compatible with Windows 7.”

The Microsoft employee went a step ahead and opined that the Start Screen is better than the Start Menu when it comes to productivity:

“WinRT apps are going to be fluid and beautiful for consumption and I think the start screen in Win8 is more productive that the start menu.”

While the identity of the employee from Redmond stays a mystery, but several of the points raised above are in line with the general consensus settling in for Windows 8 — a touch enabled device is the best way to make the most out of the new OS, and it will only get better with time.

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