Microsoft Engineer Stirs Firefox Controversy

Just what we needed to start the new week! A Microsoft engineer has some strong advice for Mozilla, saying that the company should give up on its own browsing engine.

And switch to Chromium, just like Microsoft Edge has done not too long ago.

The engineer went so far as to say that what the company is doing right now is building a parallel universe that’s used by less than 5%. He wants Mozilla to get down from its philosophical ivory tower and accept the cold, hard fact that the web is now dominated by Chrome.

Microsoft Product Manager Kenneth Auchenberg, ladies and gentlemen:

Wild and crazy!

As you can imagine, the message triggered an instant reaction from the user community. Replies highlighted how building an alternative product that competes against Chromium is vital for the health of the browsing ecosystem.

The full thread is well worth a read, as several respected web developers have chipped in with their opinion on the matter.

Of course, Mozilla was one of the only major companies that criticized Microsoft for embracing the Chromium engine for the Windows 10 browser. Opining that the Redmond based technology titan is handing over even more control of the online life to Google.

The company further noted that it is competing with Google not just because it’s a good business opportunity, but because the health of the Internet depends on competition and choice.

One can respect that.

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