Microsoft Enters Lucrative MDM Market

Although comparatively new, Mobile Device Management (MDM) is nevertheless one of the fastest growing enterprise software areas. The multitudes of mobile devices that have entered corporate offices these past few years make this a highly lucrative turf.

This is a market that is dominated by a number of startups and old players alike. And now Redmond wants to become an important player in this field.

Microsoft has recently released a number of products and services for enterprises to manage hybrid cloud services and connected devices with what greater agility and cost-efficiency. The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement is only going to get stronger this year.

The new Service Pack 1 (SP1) of System Center 2012 and enhancements to Windows Intune and Windows Azure combine to deliver easier management of complex environments of today, including hybrid clouds.

According to Michael Park, the corporate vice president of marketing for Server and Tools at Microsoft:

“With the release of the Windows Intune service and System Center 2012 Configuration Manager SP1, enterprise customers can centrally manage a full array of PCs, laptops and mobile devices. With one management console, IT organisations can crack the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) challenge, helping ensure secure and productive employee experiences with applications and data on virtually any device, anywhere.

Working as a unified solution, Windows Intune and System Center Configuration Manager provide a comprehensive approach to better securing and managing the new generation of powerful Windows 8 PCs, Windows RT tablets and Windows Phone 8 smartphones, as well as the diversity of other platforms in today’s modern enterprise.”

Microsoft is already playing its part in energizing the BYOD explosion further with its Surface lineup of tablets. The plethora of Windows 8 tablets, ultrabooks and hybrids slater for this year is going to advance the moment even more, and could see more employees bringing their own devices to work.

Updates like these that assist IT departments in better managing mobile devices will go a long way in helping enterprises still that are on the fence as far as BYOD is concerned.

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