Microsoft Executive Reveals That A Smart Watch Is Very Much Possible

We know precious little about Microsoft’s smart watch project, but several insider sources close to the matter have recently hinted that the device may be equipped with a touch-enabled 1.5-inch display.

And well, a cut down variant of Windows is a necessary possibility for the operating system.

But while this particular project may very well be a mystery for the rest of us, Microsoft’s Chief Research Officer Rick Rashid know almost everything about it inside out. Talking to The Verge, the executive revealed that a smart watch is distinct possibility for the technology titan.

In fact, Microsoft had already sketched early plans for something like this back in the early 2000s:

“One of the problems that we encountered when we were working on watches back in the early 2000s was that a lot of our hypothetical target market didn’t actually wear a watch.”

Anyway, the Redmond-based technology company is not just cooking up a smart watch, Rick Rashid promised that a lot of cool stuff is coming — channeling the spirit of the devices and services company that Steve Ballmer so proudly parades.

So while we do not have a concrete confirmation that a Microsoft smart watch is in our near future, chances are that the company is keeping a close eye on this interesting new computing form factor, and testing out prototype designs.

And with Apple, Google, Samsung and friends already secretly working on similar gadgets, Microsoft really cannot afford to stay away from this particular field for far too long.

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