Microsoft Expanding the Surface RT's Presence Internationally This Week

Microsoft this week will begin offering its Surface with Windows RT devices for sale at electronics retailers throughout the world, expanding beyond its original plan to sell the tablets only via its own retail and electronic stores. The change impacts international markets only, though US-based retailers will besellingĀ the Surface RT and Surface with Windows 8 Pro in early 2013 as well. The idea is that much of the non-US markets would in fact be buying the Surface RT if they had a chance to try it first. This is a new unproven ecosystem, and many customers don’t want to jump in without taking a in-depth look at the tablet beforehand. As for what retail outlets and which foreign countries are looking at this expanded retail presence? No clue. Thurrott doesn’t tell us, and so we pretty much have to just sit back and wait for official word. For those in the United States that aren’t near a Microsoft Store? You will get your hands-on opportunity sometime in 2013, when Microsoft intends to expand outside its stores to retail partners such as possibly Best Buy. Are you considering the Microsoft Surface RT but have held back because you aren’t able to get your hands on one to try first before buying? [ source ]]]>

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