Microsoft Expects Windows 8 Sales To Shoot Up In the Summer

It is amazing just how much sales of Windows 8 and Windows based tablets are interlinked. Microsoft does not like to talk too much about either, but statistics show that the OS sales are yet to impress.

But even if Microsoft is not satisfied by how its newest operating system is performing, the company seems quite confident that good times are just around the corner.

The Times of India quotes the managing director at Microsoft India, Sanket Akerkar as saying that Windows 8 sales are expected to get a lot better in the coming months as several new devices powered by the operating system are set for arrival:

“With a number of (Windows 8-based tablet) launches in March, I think we’ll start seeing a lot more movement. We are still in early days and there were only few of these tablets available during November, December and January.”

Several hardware vendors have announced plans to bring to market new devices sporting Microsoft’s newest operating system, just in time for the Back to School season, as well as the upcoming Holiday period towards the year end.

Microsoft has not yet filed in some new sales numbers — the 60 million licenses sold is the freshest figure from the Redmond-based technology titan.

But when it comes to bases, Windows-based tablets could cover them up real well for Microsoft as it prepares to improve and enhance its newest platform just before the release of Windows Blue.

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