Microsoft Explains How Windows 8.1 Is A Must Have Upgrade

With Windows 8.1 just around the corner, Redmond is increasing its efforts to make sure that its newest operating system is firmly and squarely in the spotlight.

The company revealed the pricing and packaging structure of the upcoming OS yesterday, and with that, talked about how this is a must have upgrade for current Windows 8 users.

And while Redmond does not say it outright, the company seems to be aware that some much needed features were missing from the vanilla Windows 8 — this first ever upgrade to its new platform gives it a chance to fix and improve upon many of these aspects.

In the words of the familiar Brandon LeBlanc:

“Windows 8.1 will be a must-have update for those devices – bringing new features and improvements such as greater personalization, Bing Smart Search, and more than 20 new and improved Microsoft apps and services. We are excited to be delivering such an important update to customers in just one month and nearly a year after launching Windows 8.”

Several Microsoft executives have, in the past year or so, talked about the company’s recent philosophy of listening to (and incorporating) consumer feedback into its products and services.

The return of the Start button and options like the ability boot directly to the desktop while skipping the Start screen altogether are often cited by Microsoft as features that have been included in Windows 8.1 based on public demand.

Exactly a month remains in the launch of Windows 8.1, and Microsoft seems as confident as it has ever been. How this translates to sales and market share will be evident very soon.

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