Microsoft Extends Windows 8 Promotion For Mac Developers

The Redmond-based software titan knows full well when it pulls off a masterstroke. One of the more amazing successes Microsoft achieved was with its special campaign that it recently launched for Mac developers.

The company recently launched a very special campaign for Mac developers who wanted to bring their applications to the Windows platform whereby they could get their hands on a QuickStart kit comprising of Windows 8 Pro, Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac and port support for iOS to Windows.

Needless to say, the offer sold out almost instantly.

But now Microsoft is bringing it back. The software titan said in a statement on the MSDN blog:

“The Windows 8 QuickStart Kit is the latest program we’ve built with Parallels to enable iOS app builders and designers to build apps for Windows. The QuickStart offer is just one example of our programs that focus on helping entrepreneurs and startups get support and start building for Windows.”

The first offer whizzed by almost instantly, so this time around the software titan has decided to extend the campaign with 1,000 new kits — all of them available for “free”.

Free in this case being a donation for a good cause. As a developer, you can get yourself a shiny new copy of Windows 8 as long as you donate $25 to any one of, or Khan Academy.

Having said that, make your move fast if you want to take advantage of this special offer!

Invite your Mac friends and acquaintances to avail this promotion. But hurry up by clicking on this link, answer a couple of questions and register yourself to claim your free copy of Windows 8. They will really fly off, this much is a given.

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