Microsoft fixed 62 software vulnerabilities in September

September 14, 2022

That’s a handful. But the good news is that even though the number may feel like really high, it is a significant improvement from this time last year.

Microsoft has made available the September 2022 Patch Tuesday updates, with this latest release now live or users that are rocking myriad Windows operating systems — everything from the newest OS in Windows 11 to a classic favorite in Windows 7.

And as part of this release cycle, the company has fixed no less than 62 vulnerabilities in its software.

While the number may seem big, it is actually really low, representing a decline of 50% from August. This makes it a neat little progress as far as resolving security flaws via patch releases for the software titan.

In fact, this actually represents the smallest number of vulnerabilities that Redmond has resolved as part of it monthly Patch Tuesday cycle this year.

Out of the released patches, just five come with the Critical severity rating, and this once again represents a massive 70% decline from the previous months.

However, there are some vulnerabilities that you are recommended to keep an eye on, particularly if you are an IT admin tasked with maintain a network of devices.

Prime among them are two 0-day flaws that are actively being exploited in the wild. This, security experts say should be a priority for system administrators and they should begin patching their fleet of computers as soon as possible.

One of these is CVE-2022-37969, which comes with a CVSS score of 7.8. This is on the lower end side of things, due to the fact that this is a vulnerability that can only be exploited locally. That is to say, an attacker must already have access to a system and the ability to run code there.

But still, it is a good idea to keep all your systems up-to-date, vulnerability or no vulnerability.

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