Microsoft fixes high CPU usage on dual Beta builds

August 2, 2022

Remember those two Beta builds that Microsoft released? Well, they continue to get regularly updated, one with new features turned on by default and another otherwise.

Today, we also have updates for these two versions.

Build 22622.450 is the one that will have new features rolling out, while build 22621.450 is the one that will have these new capabilities turned off by default after deployment for the sake of testing — which is exactly why Microsoft began flighting these two separate builds.

Anyway, as the company notes, it has launched fresh updates for both these versions.

These updates are available for Insiders on the Beta channel for a staggered release. And both these builds not only come with a handful of fixes and improvements that are outlined below, but also include improvements to how the company applies updates on top of each other as well.

That last bit is detailed above, how their new capabilities are turned on or off by default.

So, in terms of new improvements in Beta builds 22621.450 and 22622.450, we have a fair bit to go through when it comes to what they bring.

For starters, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint now has the canny ability to identify and intercept ransomware and advanced attacks. This enhancement now makes it even better in stopping these severe kinds of threats.

Next up in the new column, we have a file compressed regardless of its size if you have configured Server Message Block (SMB) Compression. And finally, improved storage replication that occurs over low bandwidth or congested wide area networks (WAN) is also on the table.

Prime among the fixes is an issue that in certain cases caused an application to use a high amount of CPU resources.

Speaking of, there are only a couple of known issues in these builds today.

Give the announcement post above a scan if you deploy them.

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