Microsoft Fixes Widespread Windows 8.1 App Crash Issue

Things sure seem quiet ever since Microsoft dropped their policy of advanced notifications for Update Tuesday releases. However, the company did release a few patches on March 10.

And one of the update aimed at Windows 8.1 users aims to fix a bit of a widespread issue.

A total of 14 security updates are now shipping, many of them security in nature.

However a few bug fixes and performance optimizations are also included, for example KB3036612 that rectifies a problem that has been reported by many users over the past few months.

Apps crashed randomly, not just on Windows 8.1 but also on Windows RT 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2. This issue apparently crashed several Windows Store applications, including popular and highly used solutions like Skype, Netflix, Cut the Rope, Amazon, even Microsoft Mahjong.

Microsoft, however, claims in the official documentation that only a limited number of applications were affected. A few workarounds were also found, but here this is an official patch.

In any case, hopefully this is now a thing of the past and the problem is sorted out once and for all.

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