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Microsoft flesh out multi-monitor support in Windows 8

yet another new post on the Windows 8 Development blog, Microsoft talk about some of the new advances coming to the management of multiple monitors in Windows 8. Microsoft is adding a lot of new features for monitor management in Windows 8. Multi-monitor users will be able to select different desktop backgrounds for each of their monitors, and where needed, Windows will shuffle through images that it thinks are most suited to the monitor set-up. Another one of the features that’s being added is the user will be able to bring up the Start screen, the new Windows 8 charms features, and app switching from the corners of any PC monitor. There are a bunch of changes coming to monitor management in Windows 8. Check out the video.]]>

Written by Onuora Amobi

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  1. Do you know if it will be possible to run one metro app on one monitor and another metro app on another monitor? Currently you can only run metro on one screen at a time (and the start screen will only stay visible as long as its screen is the active one). The video and post mention nothing about that specifically but it seems logical and almost trivial to me for them to allow that. If I could run 6 metro apps on my 3 screens at once (3 large + 3 snapped), then that could be a huge potential reason for me to phase out desktop use.
    I suppose they might wait until the store has enough quality desktop-replacement apps to bother implementing such a feature. Metro apps are probably hard-coded for a single screen scenario for simplicity for now :

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