Microsoft Forms A New Deep Tech Team Ahead Of Windows Blue Launch

Redmond has always put the focus on developers, and this still remains one of the biggest reasons for its success. But it seems Microsoft plans to one up its efforts to attract the attention of top developers around the world.

The company is trying to get as many software developers on board as it can, and the software titan has reportedly assembled a team charged with working their magic on new applications — across all its platforms in general, and for Windows in particular.

Microsoft is currently gearing up to launch Windows Blue later this year, and wants to encourage as many developers as it can to code for the upcoming operating system.

Mary Jo Foley calls it a ‘deep tech’ team inside its Developer Platform Evangelism division. It is headed up by 20 year company veteran John Shewchuk — who is currently the Chief Technology Officer for the Microsoft Developer Platform.

The idea is to connect with outside, third-party developers and develop a number of projects based on the company’s software solutions.

The mission of the new team is to work with each other (and outside developers, of course) to code new products for Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Xbox, Kinect, Windows Azure, Surface tablets, and more.

It remains to be seen how developers react to Microsoft’s new approach, and whether they are indeed ready to embrace it, but either way developers are absolutely essential for Redmond — and this is something the technology titan is quick to acknowledge.

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