Microsoft Further Reduces Offline Time For Windows 10 Updates

Time for an update? Microsoft has been working to reduce the downtime for installing a Windows 10 feature update to a minimum. Offline time, as the company calls it.

If you’re an Insider, you may already have noticed that these updates are taking less time to install.

For example, when Windows 10 Creators Update made its way out, Redmond had offline time of 82 minutes to report. This number dropped to 51 minutes with the arrival of the Fall Creators Update. And now, the company has brought it down to just 31 minutes.

This is, of course, the amount of time that you are not able to use your compute while the update is installing.

The software titan announced that it is listening to feedback, and provided complete details on what has changed since the release of Windows 10 version 1709.

Basically, with this upcoming Redstone 4 release, Microsoft has worked to reduce the offline time by moving portions of the mitigation process from offline phase to the online phase. With these changes, the online portion of a feature update should take longer to complete.

But the company says that most users will not feel the slowdown, and the overall update process will be sped up and no longer be infuriating for users.

Welcome changes, these, and should minimize complaints that Windows Updates still take too long.

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