Microsoft Gearing Up To Launch A New Designer Mouse

Because that’s just what the world needs right now! Microsoft has a certain pedigree in designing computer peripherals, particularly keyboards and mice, and in the past, gaming joysticks.

Now, though, Redmond is busy working on a brand new mouse.

A designer mouse.

The device is expected to launch in the coming weeks, according to this new Bluetooth listing. It shows a new Designer Mouse with Bluetooth 4.0 was approved on February 13, though no other details are available on this upcoming accessory right now.

It may well turn out to be a new variation of the Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500, and like this one may come in a limited edition and special design that showcases a new artist.

But unlike the Mobile Mouse 3500, this new one comes with support for Bluetooth right out the box and works with all versions of Windows on the market — meaning you will not need that small USB dongle to connect it to your computers, laptops and tablets.

Those are a waste, on mobile devices that have limited USB ports, anyway.

No idea on the price, but judging by previous such hardware launches, anything around the $50 mark is a very reasonable guess.

We shall see.

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