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Microsoft get more aggressive with their Windows Phone videos

Written by Onuora Amobi

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  1. Well assuming that i dislike Apple with a passion, i will never ever consider buying any Apple products.
    Regarding Android, i am quite interested by Android phones though i will wait the Tegra 3 based one before getting one. In fact i will wait for the successor of the Galaxy Note, which would probably be quite a beast.
    For Windows Phone, it does a fast and fluid U.I and i find this O.S quite appealing. However, i also find the U.I a bit too flat and this O.S is a bit too closed and a bit too limited for my tastes. I had a Samsung Omnia 7 which has been damaged in a strange way. I will wait for WP8 before getting a new Windows Phone and before deciding if i should consider Windows Phone as my main mobile platform.

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