Microsoft Gives Its Online Store A Modern New Redesign

To say that Redmond’s online store is a major part of its retail strategy would be an understatement. The technology titan has used its online store to showcase not just its own solutions, but the most popular Windows 8 products as well.

Keeping in mind just how important a role the online Microsoft Store is set to play in the company’s long-term strategy, Microsoft has given the official website a shiny new facelift, with the aim of providing visitors with a better shopping experience.

Go on, and take a gander at the redesign by pointing your web browser at this link.

The most noticeable change is the inclusion of big and bold images. Gone are the small images on the right side of the webpage, along with a list of categories on the left.

This new (cleaner and modern) redesign uses large images that fill up the entire width of the website.

While Microsoft’s latest products — think Windows 8 and the Surface tablets — obviously take most of the spotlight, the “Our Top Categories” get a placement right after. The enhanced search feature provides swift access to other solutions that come with the Microsoft logo.

The company has also put up a “What’s New” section on the front page.

All said and done, this is a nice little transformation from the previous website design, and is far more pleasant to the eyes, it must be said.

At the same time, Microsoft is also betting big on its traditional retail brick-and-mortar stores, with several new locations said top open later in the year. And not just in the United States, rumor has it the technology titan also has some European locations in the pipeline, including London, England.

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