Microsoft Giving Away Windows 8.1 To Nonprofits For Free

Windows 8.1, Microsoft’s latest operating system, comes with countless changes. But the company has just announced a priceless deal for nonprofits that want to hop onto its latest platform.

All eligible nonprofit organizations and public libraries can get Windows 8.1 free of charge through Microsoft’s software donation program. This translates to a savings of at least $119 for these organizations, as the update version is already available for free for current Windows 8 users.

Redmond talked about this in a new post:

“Thanks to many of you, we received a tremendous response from the nonprofit community around the world with the launch Windows 8. Windows 8.1 is an evolution of the Windows 8 vision, bringing together powerful productivity apps and a range of ways to ensure your team can reach the resources they need from any device or location.”

The good thing about this program is that it allows both international and US based nonprofit organizations to submit an application and apply for a software donation.

If you are a nonprofit setup, then you can request Windows 8.1 for free here at the official page.

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