Microsoft: Google, I Am Disappointed

How much Microsoft loves Google is known by all.

Both companies have locked horns on a number of fronts, jabbing at each other. Microsoft even put up media campaigns to bring to notice what it calls malpractices by Google.

The war recently took a turn for the worse when Google announced that it will not be bringing any of its services to the Windows Phone or Windows 8 platform. As Andrew recently pointed out, even as trivial a thing as the YouTube API has been in the news for all the wrong reasons.

Shiesty, if you ask me, very sheisty.

While the war escalated in that part of the technology world, The Federal Trade Commission was probing Google for antitrust reasons. The decision was recently announced, and according to most analysts, Google got away pretty much scot-free.

Microsoft is understandably very disappointed with what Google is doing. Dave Heiner, Vice President & Deputy General Counsel at Microsoft released a statement on the TechNet blog:

“The FTC took steps today to address some of Google’s improper business practices. We find it troubling that the agency did not adhere to its own standard procedures that call for the agency to obtain industry input on proposed relief and secure it through an enforceable consent decree.

The FTC’s overall resolution of this matter is weak and—frankly—unusual. We are concerned that the FTC may not have obtained adequate relief even on the few subjects that Google has agreed to address.”

The Redmond giant still has hopes to see Google punished for its business practices, as a few other antitrust agencies (both in United States and other countries) are still investigating the search engine company:

“We remain hopeful that these agencies will stick to their established procedures, ensure transparency, and obtain the additional relief needed to address the serious competition law concerns that remain.”

Nevertheless, this has shades of the technology wars of late the 80s and 90s

Some would go as far to term this behavior by the technology titans as childish, because at the end of the day the only one that suffers are the users themselves.

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