Microsoft Grabs 4.5% Tablet Market Share In Q2 2013

Microsoft’s tablet market share is an area of interest for many, and even though things are only starting to heat up, the technology titan is slowly increasing its market share in this very important segment.

According to the latest report from Strategy Analytics reveals that the Windows operating system has now managed to grab a 4.5 percent market share during the second quarter of the year.

This places the platform still far behind rivals Android and iOS, and once again, one of the main reasons cited for this is the lack of apps — at least when it comes to Windows RT.

Nevertheless, the research firm also reports some good news.

Strategy Analytics suggests that Microsoft’s presence on the tablet segment could be in for some notable growth in the third quarter of the year. The reason for this increase growth, you ask? Higher Windows RT shipments fueled by price cuts by Redmond partners:

“Microsoft has reduced prices by $150 and other vendors even more; they are still not cheap, but are much more where they should be to compete. The shortage of apps continues to be a problem, with seemingly little incentive for developers to work on the platform.”

Statistically speaking, a total of 51.7 million tablets shipped in Q2 2013 (a figure that also includes white box slates), and 2.3 million were powered by Windows.

Still, a number like 4.5 percent is miles beyond what Windows mustered during the second quarter of last year. Back then, the operating system was present on mere 0.2 million tablets, accounting for only 0.5 percent of the total shipments.

So not only has Microsoft gathered some significant growth, even higher market share seems to be just around the corner. The next two quarters, for the company, will be as defining as they come.

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