Microsoft Hails Creators Update As The Best Version Of Windows 10

Ever. The timing of a post like this is interesting, what with the Fall Creators Update on the horizon, but Microsoft took time out to praise the current version of the operating system.

The Windows 10 Creators Update, which it labeled the best version of the OS until now.

It certainly is the most performant and reliable version, as the company notes, while detailing all the battery life, reliability, and security improvements that it introduced with the Creators Update. The company also shared some statistical highlights that show these improvements.

Basically, data that proves how the Creators Update is significantly faster than the Anniversary Update:

  • Booting up your device is now 13% faster, and logging in after boot is up to 18% faster.
  • Unlocking your device with Windows Hello Facial recognition is up to 30% faster.
  • Microsoft Edge is also up to 53% faster in the Creators Update thanks to efficiency improvements that make scrolling pages and loading pages faster, and website rendering and interaction more responsive.
  • Two features used daily are the Start Menu and Windows Search, and we’ve improved both – the Start Menu opens faster, and we’ve optimized Windows Search performance.
  • For devices on which multiple users log-in (e.g., classrooms) the first user log-in is up to 47% faster in the Creators Update.

Microsoft then gets down to highlighting how its close relationship with OEM partners has helped make Windows 10 more reliable across the board.

There are more than 400 thousand ecosystem drivers on Windows 10, which have been developed by closely working with manufacturers that test and ensure the reliability of their device drivers. As a result, the company saw an 18% reduction in users seeing certain stability issues in the Creators Update.

And as this impressive little chart above shows, OEM partners also witnessed lower support volumes, thanks to a 39% total reduction overall in the operating system and driver stability issues between the Anniversary Update and the Creators Update.

All these go on to confirm and validate the Windows as a Service approach that Microsoft is pursuing, which is centered around listening to and implementing user and partner feedback.

Good going, Redmond!

Good going!

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