Microsoft Has Reportedly Completed Windows 8.1 Build 9472

It has been a while since we have had reports of a new build of the upcoming Windows 8.1, but now a new one has just been spotted online. Windows 8.1 build 9472 is the name of this new version.

Microsoft has already announced that it plans to launch the RTM flavor of Windows 8.1 sometimes later this month (oh, it feels good to write this), and the news of a newly compiled build should come as no surprise, whatsoever.

The Redmond based technology titan has been busy fixing bugs and sorting out issues with the public preview version of its upcoming operating system, after all.

And now WinBeta is writing that the software giant has compiled Windows 8.1 build 9472 — and this actually appears to be a pre RTM version that packs in several performance improvements and bug fixes that have been reported in Windows 8.1 Preview over the past few weeks.

No sign of a download link yet — and slim chances of one showing up, anyway.

The RTM build of Windows 8.1 is the real deal, and this final version that Microsoft will be shipping off to hardware vendors is expected to pack all the bug fixes and optimizations that the company has been working on since early July.

General availability of Windows 8.1 is projected to be anywhere between September and October, though some circles are also speculating that the company may put up the new operating system for release as early as late August, soon after it goes RTM.

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