Microsoft has shut down its UserVoice forums

March 9, 2021

Microsoft certainly has a history of doing things abruptly. And you can add another quick shutdown in this tally. That of the company’s UserVoice forums.

Back in the days when Redmond was into mobile, and things weren’t going to well, the company in one fell swoop shut down the official YouTube channel of its Lumia smartphone lineup. And in the process, all the videos, all the ads, all the marketing went into the void.

A piece of history, really.

Well, something similar has happened here.

Redmond has apparently shut down its UserVoice forums, and if you go to find feedback items on the various UserVoice sites there, you will be greeted with messages that say that this site is currently not active, of the UserVoice instance does not exist.

Assuming the UserVoice forums were terminated, this is a very strange move. And abrupt. Not only did the company not notify anyone, not even its MVPs, it is yet to confirm this change that the UserVoice forums were going away.

If the company had plans to migrate its feedback to someplace else, the logical way would be to display a message for a period of time to let everyone know that the change is coming. Even if the idea is to move to an internal solution like the Feedback Hub, a little heads up would have been welcome.

Oh well, just another Tuesday in the mystifying world of Microsoft.

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