Microsoft Hints At A Foldable Surface Phone

This thing is picking up steam! Microsoft has dropped a clear reference to the Surface Phone, hinting at a new mobile device in an official app. Microsoft Journal has been referenced in the Whiteboard app.

We already have had a few pointers on this.

It was not all that long ago that CEO Satay Nadella hinted that the company was working on the ultimate mobile device. Redmond also recently teamed up with Qualcomm to make Windows 10 ARM a reality. And there have been the occasional patent sighting here and there that reaffirm the fact.

The fact that something is cooking!

Well, that something has been discovered by regular Microsoft watcher Walking Cat, who revealed that the company’s Whiteboard app is pointing to a foldable Surface Phone. The application has left and right page references, which is about as clear as it gets these days.

See for yourself:

If this becomes a thing, then this new device could well be the modern version of Courier, a digital notebook device that the software titan was believed to be working on.

Basically, this would be a smartphone focused on content creation. The company’s latest products are all designed with productivity in mind, and it would not be out of the ordinary to see it roll out a device with a new form factor.

In the hopes of encouraging its partners to expand the ecosystem with their own products, at different price points, but based on the folding idea.

All signs point to a 2018 reveal of the Surface Phone, either in spring or autumns. No guarantees yet, but this thing has picked up pace substantially, and all these rumors and speculation are no coincidence.

Do you believe?

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