Microsoft Hits $38 Billion In Q4 2020 Revenue

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The numbers are in, and they are big! Microsoft has posted some $38 billion in Q4 2020 revenue, buoyed by notable increases in its Windows, Surface, and Gaming businesses.

In fact, the More Personal Computing department was the surprising star of the show, with big growth.

Redmond published its quarterly earnings report for the fourth quarter of its fiscal year 2020, which is the second quarter of the calendar year. The $38 billion in revenue translates to a 13% growth over the same quarter last year.

And things are, as usual, broken down into three key groups.

Productivity and Business Process, for once, showed the least growth at 6%, with revenue coming in at a still solid $11.8 billion. Intelligent Cloud showed the biggest growth with the most revenue, 17% and $13.4 billion respectively.

More Personal Computing, meanwhile, accounted for 14% growth, for $12.9 billion in revenue, which shows that even stagnant divisions can pull off surprises.

Operating income came in at $13.4 billion, with net income coming in at $11.2 billion.

Diluted earnings per share being $1.46.

Productivity and Business Processes growth was, once again, driven by Office 365, the commercial segment of which grew by 19%. LinkedIn revenue saw a 10% increase, while Dynamics products and services were up 13%.

Azure leads in the Intelligent Cloud department, growing by 47%, while server products were up 19%.

More Personal Computing saw more growth than usual this time around, in part due to the coronavirus pandemic that had people working from home. Windows commercial products and services grew by a remarkable 9% during the quarter.

And that’s not all.

Surface revenue increased by 28% for the same reason. And with people being stuck at home playing games, gaming numbers were also up by an impressive 66%. Search revenue, on the other hand, was not as exciting, with their 18% decline.

But overall, there are some pretty significant gains for Microsoft, some of which may not last and decline as the pandemic winds down.

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