Microsoft Hosts New “Windows Startup Challege” App Development Contest

Would-be Windows app developers, it seems Microsoft has a new contest in store to lure you into the world of Windows Store apps.

The new contest invites folks to enter their Windows x86 and ARM compatible app into their new “Microsoft’s Windows Startup Challenge”. The rules are pretty simple, you need to sign up between now and January 29th and submit an app prototype.

The “prototype” doesn’t have to be an actual app at this point– it can also be a video, presentation, or some images.

Your app project can be solo or part of a team effort, as long as the team is no more than five members and has no Microsoft employees involved. The app must also be brand new, as they won’t take re-submissions of apps that are already in the store.

That said, it can be a port of your existing Android or iOS app, as long as you actually own the app and rights to it. Once all submissions are in, they will be judged (50% of the score will come from public votes) and if you make it past this stage, the next stage is actually building and finishing the app by March 1st with both Windows 8 and Windows RT compatibility.

So what happens if you win? Two members from the winning team will be flown to DEMO Mobile in San Francisco and will be given the chance to launch their app in front of the press and seed investors. The top runners will also receive marketing packages and design and technical support.

For more details or to sign up, hit the source link below.

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