Microsoft Hypes Up Its Big Data Prowess

Big Data

Big data is big businesses! And Microsoft is showing no hesitation in torching up rivals like AWS and Google when it comes to showcasing the capabilities of its Azure platform in this domain.

As noted, CEO Satya Nadella recently said the new Azure Synapse Analytics service executed a complex query 75 times faster than Google’s BigQuery service, which is head and shoulders above the competition. Another query was executed 3 times faster than on Amazon’s Redshift.

He made these claims in a recent keynote last week at the company’s annual Ignite mega event.

Interesting how Microsoft elected to make these claims not in an obscure paper or on a benchmarking site, but at the grandest stage of them all. And in a very public presentation by Nadella, who had a number of colleagues at hand to punctuate his keynote to dive into more details.

Azure Synapse Analytics

The company’s new Azure Synapse Analytics service was defined as the next generation of the Azure SQL data warehouse, which blends together big-data analytics, data warehousing and data integration into a single unified service that provides end-to-end analytics at cloud scale.

Big words, but they come at a time when companies across the planet are racing to transition themselves into data driven enterprises.

The volumes of data and the speed of analytics becomes paramount in cases like these, which puts the Azure platform in good light as it takes on strong competition in the Big Data space from the likes of Amazon Web Services and the Google Compute Platform.

Both these are counted as the world’s top companies in data management, analytics and data science.

And for Microsoft to achieve these levels of superior performance against them is as stunning as achievement as any for the Redmond based technology titan. The company definitely has got something compelling going for itself here.

Ultimately, users will be the biggest winners here in this race of supercharged performance.

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