Microsoft IIS Sees Record Gain In Host Names This December

Netcraft recently released its December 2012 Web Server Survey, and Microsoft’s IIS was the biggest winner this month, recording an 8.2 million hostnames increase — easily its largest in over a year. This was triggered after a major advertising network of 4.7 million Apache hostnames switched over to Microsoft IIS 7.5. Apache consequently witnessed a decrease of 1.53 percent. The market leader also lost 0.77 percent share in November, but still maintains hold over more than half the share for servers across top domains at 55.70 percent. Another web server that showed an increase was ngix, which increased its share to 12.44 percent. This puts it within touching distance of Microsoft and its 13.22 percent market share. The survey recorded responses from 633,706,564 websites, which itself is an increase of over 8 million from last month. According to the results, IIS/6.0 remains the most popular version of Microsoft’s web server software, and has a lead of 41 percent over the next common version. A totally different ball game is being played within the million busiest websites, however, where IIS/7.5 is set to become the de facto leader. The survey shows that IIS/7.5 now serves 40 percent of the top million websites, just four percent (or 4,800 websites) behind the current king IIS/6.0. The latest version of Microsoft’s web server software is IIS/8.0, which was released in September.]]>

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