Microsoft Initiates Windows 7 Upgrade Offensive

The time is now. Windows 7 still looms large for Microsoft, with the world’s most popular operating system pretty much the biggest, and only, hurdle for widespread adoption of Windows 10.

Which, as a matter of fact, seems to be slowing down.

Released in 2009, this version of the OS will reach end of support in January 2020. And Redmond wants to use this opportunity to convince as many users as it can to upgrade to the latest version of Windows before the last updates are shipped.

Not an easy task, mind you.

And that is why the software titan has recently instructed its channel partners to encourage Windows 7 customers to upgrade to Windows 10, with the upgrade offensive to pick up pace in early 2019.

As reported, the company wants partners to run aggressive upgrade campaigns so that the numbers for Windows 10 increase substantially.

Louisa Gauthier, product and marketing leader at Microsoft:

“The end of support is coming in 2020 and it’s time to make the shift to 10.

Why is end of support so important for us? Because it is a huge opportunity to get your customers to modern. It is an opportunity estimated to be worth $100 billion when you put together all the partner services, Office and solution opportunity over three years.”

$100 billion, that’s pushing it, right?

In any case, this is an amazing opportunity, and with almost half the PCs across the world powered by Windows 7, there customer base is certainly there for this.

And this is what Microsoft has in mind, with Louisa concluding:

“If your PC and software are more than four years old then it’s time to move to a new Windows 10 device. Modern Windows devices are cheaper to manage and faster to run.”

Alright with me.

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