Microsoft interested in purchasing Appcelerator?

Why build what you can buy, right? That seems to be the prevalant philosophy for many of day’s bigger corporations. Can’t say I blame them. By going done this right, a group of individuals have already done the hard work and laid the groundwork for future success.

It is easier for companies like Microsoft to then just swoop in and build off of that. In the end it benefits the big company and the company being purchased equally, so why not? So who is Microsoft interested in acquiring now? If the rumors are correct, Microsoft may be considering Appcelerator.

This rumor comes for Business Insider, who says unnamed sources indicate a conversation between Microsoft and Appcelerator has already begun talks, but that they aren’t ready to reach a deal just yet.

For those that don’t know, Appcelerator was founded in 2006 and its big “call to fame” is a software service called Titanium. What this service does is allow developers to create mobile apps easily for just about every major mobile operating system. It also makes it easy to craft HTML5 based apps as well.

Beyond just helping get them built, Appcelerator also hosts the apps on its cloud service, and is currently hosting over 50,000 apps already, which it says is installed on over 110 million devices.

Acquiring Appcelerator could be great news for Microsoft. With Titanium, Microsoft could provide a faster way for apps to be created for Windows Phone 8 and even perhaps Windows RT/8. That said, for those that are currently using the service to create apps for the competition (iOS, Blackberry, Android, etc)– this could be bad news.

More than likely Microsoft might be willing to support the features for other platforms for a little while, but odds are a purchase would mean that the service would eventually be tweaked to only support Windows operating systems.
What do you think of this news, could this be an important strategic buy for Microsoft?

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