Microsoft Introduces Skype for Windows Phone 8


The app has the same clean, Windows-style layout as the other version, including the new Favorite contacts. It’s also integrated with the Microsoft People app, letting you place a Skype call right from there. And when you connect your Microsoft account, all your friends on Windows Messenger become Skype contacts, too. Baking Skype into Windows Phone was a no-brainer for Microsoft when it acquired the company in 2011, and now the app is finally where it needs to be: fully integrated into the software of a mobile platform, letting users receive and make calls through the service just like regular phone calls. Windows Phone, however, has tiny market share, but that could change with the introduction of Windows Phone 8. The new Skype app supports multiple live tile sizes. The user can also set Skype notifications on the lock screen and Skype is integrated into the People Hub contact directory for easy access.
So, most important; how does it look and perform? Here is Microsoft’s intro video: To quote Skype: Here’s why you’ll love it:
    • You’ll stay connected even when the app is closed, so you’re always reachable.
    • Start a chat with your Skype contacts right from the People Hub. Want quick access to your Favorites? They’re front and center in Skype.
    • It’s fast, beautiful and perfect for touch screens. Browse the web while you chat, with Snap you can do more at once.
All you need to get started is Windows 8, a webcam for video calls and a microphone. Is Microsoft/Skype correct?  Do you love Skype on Windows Phone 8?]]>

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