Microsoft invest in App Search engine Mimvi

What is Mimvi? Mimvi is (simply put) a popular application search engine. ReadWriteWeb have a great description:

Type in “Bejeweled,” for example, and the site returns a list of results, ranked by relevance, with a left-hand nav bar available to filter out apps running on iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone – and even Facebook and Web apps. Each listed app links directly to the app’s marketplace, so that a search for the Android receipt app, Lemon, clicks directly into Google Play. Each app also comes with a “star” ranking of one to five, although Mimvi apparently curates its own results; Lemon for Android, for example, claimed that 304 people had voted it a total of of four stars, while Google Play claims 3,750 have awarded it an average of 4.5 stars.
The investment makes sense because Microsoft now more than ever before needs to make sure it’s mobile apps have a fighting chance. Hopeful this will help. Time will tell.]]>

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