Microsoft Is Aware Most Windows XP Users Will Move To Windows 7

Redmond is planning to pull the plug off Windows XP next year, and while it hopes users will upgrade to a newer version of Windows — even the company knows it is going to be Windows 7, not 8.

April 2014 is when Microsoft is said to stop providing support for the 11-year-old operating system, and it is already hard at work convincing users and businesses to upgrade to a newer OS. While most are still keen on staying with Windows XP, a fair few have already begun making upgrade plans.

So essentially, Microsoft is confident that a major portion of the Windows XP user base will make the jump. But instead of switching to Windows 8, Microsoft says, they will actually pick Windows 7.

Microsoft CFO, Peter Klein, revealed this at the Goldman Sachs technology conference.

Enterprises, however, are said to be going for Windows 8 according to Klein, as this new platform comes with a great feature set aimed at this sector.

Nevertheless, Windows XP is losing users at a very slow pace. Latest statistics confirm that XP remains the second most popular operating system in the world, with a market share just shy of Windows 7.

Microsoft will be hoping to see this figure fall down a few notches, and users upgrading to a new version of Windows — even if it is Windows 7.

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