Microsoft is being forced to change the name for cloud service “SkyDrive”

In what must be seen as a humiliating blow, Microsoft is being forced to change the name for cloud service “SkyDrive”.

This is being done in response to litigation from British Sky Broadcasting Group (BSkyB) over their trademark. Microsoft seem to have caved and have agreed to change the name of their massively popular worldwide cloud sharing service.

This is the second time that Microsoft have picked a bad name and had to rebrand – remember this is similar to a European legal dispute where Microsoft agreed to stop using the term “Metro” for its Windows 8 user interface and applications.

In that case, German company Metro AG disagreed with Microsoft’s use of the word Metro and successfully quashed the use of the term by the software giant.

This is very odd for such a large software company to roll out MAJOR software products without pre-clearing the brand names first.

A MAJOR fail.

What do you guys and girls think?

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